Mabel Nash Greenberg is an artist and researcher born and raised in downtown NYC.

Topics of interest include media, pop culture, fetish, desire and Zen. Mabel’s position as both participant in and observer of the world around her (an "insider and outsider" at the intersection of art, fashion, media and wellness spheres) informs her unique, interdisciplinary understanding of the inner thought processes and underlying motivations of those in her age bracket and demographic.

As an artist, Mabel’s work has taken the form of films, soundtracks, costume and garment design, set design, and energetic live performances in venues such as The Whitney Museum and The French Embassy. She has worked as a sort of fashion stylist on art films, with filmmakers such as Felix Bernstein and as an art director and production designer on numerous other projects. 

Mabel has worked as a silent creator and visual researcher for luxury and mass market brands, translating psychographics into multimedia environments layered with meaning and helping brands to infuse their message into images, moods, fantasies and party atmospheres which appeal to an audience of young educated consumers. 

Mabel lends her signature chaotic edge to astute cultural observations and insights into lifestyle motivations of millennials and their participation in luxury markets, sharing inspirations and references which draw from her near-encyclopedic knowledge of fashion, popular culture, certain esoteric traditions and many other sources. And her spirit animal is a chameleon.